aliencrime / jesterphunk

Andrea Rocchi (aliencrime) was born in Rome in 1973 at age 16 in 1989, began studying the drums and the next 4 years playing in punk, hardcore bands : RDR, Corteccia Armata. in 1992 knows the theater director and an expert in African culture Anna Fresu and for his performances began to manipulate the sounds and play percussion traditional African center (mbira, timbila ...). In 1994 he moved to Lyon, France, and collaborated for a series of concerts and recording of live (like Mc) with the band hip-hop PAM and DJ Cherif. Back in Italy in 1996, together with Simone Carraresi (Dosezero) founded the Zimbu, in which he plays the drums (the band: bass / guitar / drums-influenced techno-rock-psychedelic). in the late 90's he began to attend the techno-rave scene and reach new stimuli, knows the group of DJs and musicians of 00nowhere, and thanks to the influences of DJ Plt (Paolo Matricardi) arrives in love to the synthesized music. in 2007, brings together, as aliencrime the ep (demo): Test # 03 totally DIY. Paolo Matricardi (jesterphunk) Born in Rome in 1976 and a teenager he began playing the guitar, with punk / ska band. 20 years later to start DJing aka dj PLT(techno, drum'n'bass, terror steps), playing at illegal raves of all Europe in the second half of the 90's and later in clubs and festivals, etc. etc.. in 2007 along with Aliencrime life to the project which still continues. together are part of the project: 00nowhere, which since the early 90 organizes parties, raves, action video art. have under csoa FortePrenestino of Rome where they music studios together with other actors in Roman gave birth to 5 years of independent electronic music festival: Electrode, held in June.


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