Amousement (Marcello Ruggiu, 1980) is a musician, producer and DJ. He is composing electronic music since 1996, alternating the use of analog and digital hardware and software for music production to the live shows as drummer in his punk band. His sound is developed from this experimental attitude, made out of an intelligent bass driven sound that revolves around intricate rhythms and deep atmospheric beats. In 2009 Till2012 (Italy) releases his first EP, followed by the ones by Altosync (Canada) and Sociopath (Taiwan); he is also collaborating with Substance-B in the live project 64Musicians (2012) and Bxp, featuring his last EP Refactoring (2013). Versatile and technically accurate artist, Amousement explores electronic music in its many genres, combining IDM, Acid and Brain atmospheres with Dubstep and Breakbeat rhythms.