buskerdroid vs microman

Italian duo playing electro, fidget & techno music composed and produced with a single Gameboy using LSDJ (Little Sound DJ). They don't use vst or samples or preset loops. All music is composed, programmed and played by a 1989 Gameboy through its original Nintendo audio chipset. Their Electro Raw & Gameboy Technopunk music is born within 8bit micromusic culture but is also influenced by rave electronic music and new millennium club music. During the Gameboy liveset Buskerdroid VS Microman project comes to life as a ping pong set live performance starting with electro than moving into a more aggressive and fat bass mood with full-beat rhytms ending into a vortex o mental techno with melodic hints. Buskerdroid VS Microman studio project comes to an end each musician following different path still heading towards the same direction.