Dosojin born as a VJ and video makers around 2007.The name comes from ancient Japanese Shinto deities: the dosojin are in fact the deity of the roads and paths, obviously more metaphorically in the broad sense, so the streets is to be understood as the paths of life, directions and choices that characterize. Echoing this view, the videos produced in some way protect and accompany all those who attended the performace.Around 2006 he joined the association to promote cultural substance, with which cooperates in organizing important events in the capital.In the 2008-09 season working with the Strike The Street project, conceived by one, MRF and Alt97 who sees the exhibition of the best artists of Rome and not only the street art scene.Has also collaborated with Rome as crew: Urban Pressure, Subculture, Lust4Watt, Stick My World, AAA and Colocon Circus, performing in locals and clubs such as: Strike Spa, Alpheus, Init, Circolo Degli Artisti, Galleria Dei Serpenti, Neo Club, ExSnia, Rashomon Club.