Fricat (12 March, 1982 – present) Being born the son of an engineer, his father gifted him a Commodore 64 in 1988 instead of the traditional gifts normally purchased for boys his age. Upon receiving the Commodore 64, he promptly taught himself how to program it. After years of bouncing balls on the C64 and eventually finding adventure on the NES, he leveled-up in 1994 when he was granted access to an Amiga500 by a friend of his. Through this new medium, he started to compose beats with Sonix, and later, in his garage, a Protracker. After several years of practicing and mastering his art, in 1996 he purchased a Macintosh classic and a Roland S-50 and moved into a new area of the house. Along with the new computer, he was also playing and mastering the PS1, until a friend of his, in 1998, let him borrow his Akai S-200 sampler, which brought him back to his garage. Word spread of his work and passions, and a group of more mature musicians kidnapped him and took him to a proper studio, with proper musicians. After seeing and realizing what his real potential was, he decided to purchase his first PC. In 2001, he decided to branch out, and he moved to a new city. Exploring the scene and himself, he then founded an underground electronic-band in 2005 and started to experiment more with the music he learned and taught himself as a kid. In 2014, he branched out once again, and started a solo-experimental pseudo-trap project, where he is still learning and developing his skills and mastering his art once more.