mental d-struction

Mental D-struction is a french project start in 2006 per Evelyne Manganese, oriented on dark, melancholic, atmospheric speedcore and extreme electronic music. She based her work on contrast and hyper vibration for an instrospective result. She begin learning music with guitar and bass at 14, discovering her love for speed and blasting music, she enter few time after in death metal, hardcore and grind band.In 2008, after discovering the free internet culture and ideology, she decided to start a netlabel under the name Wildness Records, in which she try to gather and combine the best brutality and beauty of extreme metal and electronic music. In 2009, she experimented new project to enlarge her horizon, Nosens (neoclassical, ambient), Legal Terrorism (hardcore), Circuitsmasher (dubstep, breakcore project with Pirtek).After releasing lot of song on various compilation and album (mp3, cd, vinyl) on netlabel and label such as Splitterblast, Sociopath, Digital Vomit, Ultra.BrainDance, Wildness, BTD, Demus, this is time now for a restropective album "Extrapolation²" a 7 song album taken from the upcoming 14 song CD album "Extrapolation Of Human Perspectives" who'll out in the end of this year on Contagious Programm. This album is a melt of atmospheric, classical thema melt to deviant and extreme electronic rythm, between breakcore, Hc and intelligent speedcore.


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