m.s.l. project

Marco Le Moglie is a dj born in Rome in 1986 and performing under the guise of M.S.L. Project. Music and its scenario, especially the early influence of punk rock in its integrity, bring him to set up several bands with friends in his latest high school years, in which every groupmember contributed with proper influences, leading to the creation of music ranging from Old School Punk to Nu-Metal.Soon, in his first years of college, he discoveres a great passion for electronic music spending time mixing and producing live. During this process of artistic development and the refining of his non-trivial tastes, the meeting with PRODUKKT brings him to gain a wide interest in Deep Techno blending it with his knowledge in Minimal electronica.His musical influences draw upon elements ranging from Punk-Hardcore and Post-Rock encompassing Experimental electronica through the grasping of Breakbeat D&B and the reaching of a variety of Techno artists.Since 2010, he started to work for the label "Sostanza Records" of which he is a fellow member today.