1. Enrico Pulitani is born near Rome. The years before 2003. Adolescence transforms RIGGA into an entertainer, whose experiences, adventures and impressions dominate the next years. He even deepens his knowledge and passion about music, by playing tenor sax under the tutorship of a well known Italiancomposer and having studies solfege. 2004-2005. RIGGA starts the electronic experience. RIGGA's career begins with HARDTEK compositions, affirming from the beginnighis interest in musical experimentation. 2006. Squats of Rome become his playground. He rides the capital's underground scene. 2007. RIGGA evolves in more experimental electronic sonorities. 2010. RIGGA is now days back in Rome,ready to start the ultimate adventure: the partnership with the newborn label SOSTANZE RECORDS. Actually he plays with korg groovebox electribe and he always plays live at parties.