SINCOPE as Idea was born on the armchairs of a pub in Pisa in 2006.After a year of incubation period, the project starts like a trio (Bass -keys-drums), going ahead several sound experimentations and live shows in an extremely various musical field that includes the structures of so called “math” and “post-rock”, jazz improvisation and also electronic sounds. The main feature of the project is approaching these elements through an as large and wide point of view as possible.In fact, in that moment, the project constantly evolves and develops.In 2009 come out the first “self-titled” release. This self-produced Sincope’s Album is like the sum of the work done until that moment and it gains several attentions by some Italian labels.After few months, the second release is already planned for September 2010.However, by that time the project is completely headed towards Electronic and Ambient.This development of Sincope (by then it became a duo) involves Matteo Puoti and Dario Balinzo concentrate their selves to a kind of composition and production much more electronic, but following the Ideas of music and sound previously developed, trying to get a brand new work and a new kind of song writing.After two years of work, Sincope obtains a grown and cohesive result; Productions are now characterized by an Ambient/Electronic sound, abstract and orchestral, but with strong Melodic/Melancholic tones, rich of rhythmic variations and various timbre features.All this is permeated by many influences (noise, pop, post-rock, trip-hop, dance) and by the significance of the lyrics into the sound environment.


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