the 2000

The 2000 is a project consisting of Andrew and Isnotme, two crazy Italian producer based in Rome.The two met about ten years ago at school and become friends talking about music,the turn comes about a year ago, when they decide to start producing music together.The basic idea leading later in The 2000 project is to merge different musical backgrounds from the two: Rock-Punk-Metal Rap for Isnotme and Hip-Hop and Black music for Andrew.Powerful drums from the Hip Hop and hard basses from Punk-Rock and Metal are the main "touch" of the duo.In every track or remix that The 2000 produced are characterized primarily in giving this very special touch to their productions.This two guys are emerging in the european electro scene with many interesting productions and their techno-tropical-fidjet dj-set is starting to give them their firsts satisfactions in lots of European clubs and Festivals.The duo split the stage with the best artists of the worldwide electro scene like: Ikki,Don Rimini,Fukkk Offf,Titan,Justin Faust,Tyler Noze,Funkabit,The Integrals.Their productions are supported by artists like Congorock, Ikki, Don Rimini,NT89, Spiller, Titan, Savage Skulls, Crookers and MixHell."


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Lonely Night