Tommaso Statella, aka Tomz.db, has always had, since childhood, a weakness for buttons and knobs. The idea to make something happen, pushing a simple button, made him crazy.When he was 8, received his first toy keyboard, with which he enjoyed to emulate the songs of the cartoons and the jingles she heard on TV.His musical genius developed at about 13 years old when he started playing the drums, learning the techniques of the djembe, of congas, bongos and the darbuka.At 18, discovering the world of free parties, the rhythm of tribal djembe underwent a metamorphosis to the electronic beat, made up of groove boxes and synthesizers.So in 2006 was born the HSPL, crew of producers with whom he began playing in squats, raves, and 2008 from the merger of HSPL and PBC, and the entry of many new artists, founded CROMEDROP Family, a collective that promotes electronic music themed events, surrounded by the most different art forms, in which he is still technical and logistic responsible, and one of the best live performers.


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Floatin' Beats