A Momentary Collapse of Reason

Sounds like:
  • ambient
  • glitch
  • breaks
  • idm
  • electro
  • loop


  1. monoiz - Emocrust
  2. need a name - Edoele
  3. digital brain, nezoomie - Tesi Antitesi Sintesi
  4. the additive - Control
  5. m.s.l. project - Sunweg
  6. dosojin - Loop pack 002
  7. bcomponente - Loop pack 002

Additional Info

Sostanze Records is proud to present the third release created thanks to collaborations of various artist coming from different parts of italy and its different musical scenes, where each artist could express his own musical taste. A momentary Collapse of Reason it's composed by electronic sonority alternated to syncopated break rythms, with particular glitch influences.