Beat Fighters Vol.1

Sounds like:
  • funkyhouse
  • idm
  • techno


  1. m.s.l. project - E donist
  2. the additive - Dawn (m.s.l. project mix)
  3. the additive - Negative
  4. m.s.l. project - July 16 (the additive mix)

Additional Info

This is the very first battle in Sostanze Records' lair: MSL Project challenges The Additive. For the 1st match, both of them selected a track from the opponent's discography, remixed and rearranged it to their very own style. Result is that "Dawn" has gained new expressions which are really far from canonical set and The Additive boosted his "July 16" mix with live recordings of Berlin city and AM radio frequencies. Experimental? Judge by yourself. Moreover, the 2nd fight led the players to throw up two unreleased special kicks to this EP. The Additive's Techno+ versus MSL Project's FunkyHouse. Even if they're fighting by different sounds, no tied score's allowed.Time for battle. Download the EP, select player and press fire!