Floatin' Beats

Sounds like:
  • break
  • breakbeat
  • downtempo


  1. tomz.db - All you do is strike the beat
  2. tomz.db - Are you Ill
  3. tomz.db - TNK-LAB

Additional Info

Tomz.db's music sensibility originates from an extended study of percussions. It's not easy to find in the underground scene a dj that can effectively mix them with the breakbeat contaminations still running through his veins. Floatin' beats is a conceptual work. The harmonious synth melody is the common thread that brings back to mind the 90's acid sound revised according to the contemporary electronic music axioms. Tomz.db is the technical and logistic responsible, and one of the best live performers of CROMEDROP Family, a collective promoting electronic music events assisted by a huge variety of art forms. Guided Relaxation.