Fritto Misto EP

Sounds like:
  • juke
  • minimal
  • techno


  1. stereograms - Tech No Gamberetto (Original Mix)
  2. stereograms - Fritto Misto (Original Mix)
  3. stereograms - Tech No Gamberetto (alexis storm mix)
  4. stereograms - Tech No Gamberetto (digital brain mix)

Additional Info

Bass drum. You've just finished the usual day studying or getting stressed by your fucking job when the duo Stereograms gives you as gift the med you were looking for. The best possible. The brand new release by the indie netlabel Sostanze Records allows the listener to chill, making him used to its warm sound and then bringing him to the dancefloor. The work is very technical in all the details. Mixing techno and electro is an exercise that we face very often nowadays, so much that we were used to play forward every time. Eventually, someone has found the magic formula. Techno remixes by Gamberetto make the release still more deep and different approaches to techno comes from biting characters as DigitalBrain and Alexis Storm (as well from Sostanze Records), minimal techno masters. Massive. Description by Marco Stilo


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