Sounds like:
  • Dubstep
  • Glitch Hop
  • Drum and Bass
  • Electro


  1. Re:Set - Resynthformation
  2. Re:Set - The Calling
  3. Re:Set - The Perspectives
  4. Re:Set - Resynthformation (Becko Remix)
  5. Re:Set - Resynthformation (Jelle Boon Remix)

Additional Info

Artwork: Ferdinando Tremamunno
Mastering: Skie Studio
Released on: 21/03/2014

Music is a mix of talent, background, attitude and wish to evolve. But it’s not enough. Something is always missing. That is to say that thing that in the 90’s Italian rap underground slang was called fotta and that now everyone labels as style. In few words, Re:set got it, as shown in this work. The release contains the inspired remix by Becko, Hopes die Last bass and vox, who has undertaken the electronic way before with Dungeon Elite and then as solo. Becko himself is also the curator of the mastering of the release with his Skie Studio. The work is accomplished with the other remix by Jelle Boon, 18 year old Dutch dj and producer emerging in the electronic scene. Sostanze Records continues to give as a gift pearls and above all productions always in the search of experimentation, certain that their project will never be slave of market rules.

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