Sounds like:
  • drum and bass


  1. ilkobra - Il nulla infinito
  2. ilkobra - L'illusione
  3. ilkobra - Bassi danzanti
  4. ilkobra - Zompappa Zompa
  5. ilkobra - Extasy orientale
  6. ilkobra - La caciara
  7. ilkobra - SubConscio
  8. ilkobra - Calma apparente

Additional Info

All'epeca is a collection of tracks composed and mixed between 2006 and 2007 by IlKobra and mastered by NeZoomie.The tracks were born from the impact of the rave music in the roman undergound's scene, where repetitive rhythms require raw and violent sounds. The classic Nirvana crash breaks the darkest silence, melodies are simple and the bass deep, harmonies contrastated by romantic strings.