The Additive

Sounds like:
  • electro
  • techno


  1. the additive - Dawn
  2. the additive - Desperate Toy
  3. the additive - Control
  4. the additive - Hysterical Subjectivism
  5. the additive - Rolling and Turning
  6. the additive - Automatically Isolated
  7. the additive - Boring Party

Additional Info

Take a break and relax - just the time for the washing machine to finish - remove your usual musical prejudices and prepare to the first (but very large) brainwashing of The Additive.His electronic sounds crystallize in streets which haven't the usual name of Techno, House or Trance, and - finally - we hear someone who knows how to go beyond the genres.7 elegant pieces that will wrap your bambam-dirty ears and that will end this cycle with a "+" on your musical refinement.With this album you can dance, wash the dishes or simply stay stoned on the bed - all your family will be happy!

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