Lucky Youth

Sounds like:
  • alternative techno


  1. m.s.l. project - Once Upon a Time
  2. m.s.l. project - Le Grand Tour
  3. m.s.l. project - July 16
  4. m.s.l. project - Music Saved My Life
  5. m.s.l. project - What The Bass thinks

Additional Info

The best way to describe this album is to start saying what it is not. It’s not Techno, it’s not Electronic, it’s neither a Stratocaster nor a Stradivari, it’s not a pasta with, but not even a pasta without sauce, with certainty it’s neither God nor Buddha nor Hitler and for sure not Pope Wojtyla, it’s not Tom Cruise but also not Shakespeare and, please, let it never be Rafaella Carrà. It’s neither right wing nor left wing, doesn’t come from the south nor from the north, may be slightly from east, but for sure not from the west. In summa, it’s not your mummy that wakes you up with morning light nor the triple sandwich with ham you eat around the corner after school. It is simply a story of how I managed to write these lines finishing my last bag of Cheese Haze. So sit down on the couch, turn the lights out, and let the show begin, as this a comedy of life and art and you are its watchers!Enjoy the beat