Infectious Agent

Sounds like:
  • drum and bass


  1. brokenspud - Altered States
  2. brokenspud - Far Star
  3. brokenspud - Haunted
  4. brokenspud - Infectious Agent
  5. brokenspud - Leaving Home
  6. brokenspud - Memories
  7. brokenspud - Obscure
  8. brokenspud - Space Debris v.i.p.

Additional Info

Warning! Infectious agents are in freedom, faint of heart people should not listen! The best description for this album is a dream journey, listen to it loudly and in small doses, it will give you an hand in discovering your moods while get altered by dreams. The tracks chase with each other at the rate of 175 bpm, revealing the way for drum 'n bass, neurofunk and techstep sounds. We bet that after the first listening of "Space debris" you'll bewondering if the author has ever actually been on Mars, and you'll want to call him looking for an answer. Let us recommend this album as a soundtrack to accompany the reading of novels by Philip Dick.