Raver Boom

Sounds like:
  • electro
  • fidget
  • nu rave


  1. bebop - Intro
  2. bebop - Come back
  3. bebop - Illstm - Moctezuma (bebop mix)
  4. bebop - Raver boom
  5. bebop - Bad boy
  6. bebop - Loop a looza

Additional Info

Photo and Artwork: Fernando Tremamunno
Artist: Bebop
Title: Raver Boom
Genre: Electro Fidget Nu Rave
Released on: 09/07/2010

For his first LP with Sostanze Records, Bebop aka Bebop the Dog aka Bebop Twinkmafia starts with a bang, and is not just a saying!Raver Boom is the title of an album chock full of Nu Rave, Electro and Fidget sounds! Rest assured that for the next season these tracks will haunt you wherever you'll go dancing.By now the lines between different genres are outmoded and obsolete. Upload your musical mind, free download all the tracks and enjoy the Illstm - Montezuma remix, really effective style game!