Ritmi Illegali

Sounds like:
  • drum and bass


  1. ilkobra - Kobra style
  2. ilkobra - Paradiso artificiale
  3. ilkobra - Il bian coniglio
  4. ilkobra - Frequenze diaboliche
  5. ilkobra - L'armata del Kobra
  6. ilkobra - La gallina regina
  7. ilkobra - Piata a bene

Additional Info

Ritmi Illegali is a collection of tracks composed and mixed between 2007 and 2008 by IlKobra and mastered by NeZoomie.The main features of this LP are a high amount of BPM and the concentration of non-conventional low-frequencies.The tempo is marked by various and contaminated rhythms that make IlKobra's style unmistakable.