Sounds like:
  • breakcore
  • deviant
  • speedcore
  • hardcore


  1. mental d-struction - Remember
  2. mental d-struction - Jeremie 25.30
  3. mental d-struction - Last Breath (feat. Darkselvedge)
  4. mental d-struction - Arkan
  5. mental d-struction - Intrusion
  6. mental d-struction - Discharge
  7. mental d-struction - Doomed

Additional Info

This album is a try above all to make a proof of the beauty, the capacity and the strenght of the union of the free internet worlwide who is more than just a way of diffusion. This is a new way of human interraction, a new human behaviours, base on the fact that we believe than knowlegde and capacity of each single indivual must be give, must be shown, must be an active part of the rest humanity. We are the consequence, and we have to make an access to all the knowlegde, to raise ourselves and open the potential. We have to know before building. This is not our right. This is a duty. An obligation to reach our harmony.Extrapolation of human perspectives.The only thing that it belongs to us : the way of our interractions"