Cogito Ergo Beat

Sounds like:
  • breaks
  • dubstep
  • electro
  • video


  1. ilkobra - Preludio
  2. ilkobra - Caos ordinato
  3. ilkobra - Don Giovanni
  4. ilkobra, nezoomie - L'ignoranzità
  5. ilkobra - Libero Arbitrio
  6. ilkobra - Santo Hertz
  7. ilkobra - Libero Arbitrio (video by Sale&Pepe)

Additional Info

Electro, explored and reorganized in its deepest essence, fills this LP with its sounds that evolve track by track, converging exponentially towards dubstep. Just contemplating the work as a whole will give you understanding of the power of IlKobra's occult compositional techniques.