Now I Found Myself (part 1)

Sounds like:
  • ambient
  • breaks
  • glitch


  1. need a name - Need an Intro
  2. need a name - Analog Digiform
  3. need a name - Pensieri
  4. need a name - Changes
  5. need a name - Happenings
  6. need a name - Floating on Simple Harps
  7. need a name - Everything Returns
  8. need a name - Accordi Ripetitivi
  9. need a name - Found a Place

Additional Info

This is the first step of an LP that, believe me, will change your own life! It is enough to know that just yesterday I've met Erik Statie's ghost, he was still playing all the 35 beats of the longest song of all time. He suggested me to listen the music by a certain Need a Name, in his opinion the heir-at-law of his ambient music experimentations...I'm honest, I didn't understand fully what he was talking about, I only know that I've listened this album and now I can't stop clicking the repeat button.18 tracks with a tinge of Glitch, where errors are rules. Absolutely high level ambient music.