Now I Found Myself (part 2)

Sounds like:
  • ambient
  • breaks
  • glitch


  1. need a name - 07ness
  2. need a name - Someone
  3. need a name - Interference
  4. need a name - The simplest lullaby that could possibly
  5. need a name - Sospeso senza risposte
  6. need a name - Searching
  7. need a name - 3.16am finished draft
  8. need a name - Need an ending

Additional Info

If you have downloaded the first part of Now I Found Myself as a good connoisseur, do not hesitate to complete the work.The second part will bewitch you with absolutely unique and original sounds.There will not be more ghosts on your way, but just a click to hear the remaining tracks, sitting on your armchairs!Need a Name has got something clever, take care and share with the world!