Who killed santa?

Sounds like:
  • idm
  • breaks
  • glitch
  • electro
  • technopunk
  • electronic


  1. rigga - Umeda
  2. aliencrime / jesterphunk - Nowhere
  3. digital brain, nezoomie - Tesi Antitesi Sintesi
  4. the additive - Control
  5. m.s.l. project - Sunweg
  6. noisybeat - Volkmusik (plastic penguin)
  7. noisybeat - Pure Life (Kreyk)
  8. noisybeat - Signal Generator (Elibear)
  9. noisybeat - Lost (Gaudio)
  10. noisybeat - White Light (Bist&Domino)

Additional Info

Noisybeat was born two years ago and for its birthday they are happy to celebrate it together with their Sostanze Records mates. Here below we are glad to offer you 5 electro-tech and tech-house tracks from the 5 more prominent artists, which have supported the label during these last months. Together with 5 track from Sostanze Records label, this gives the start to a collaboration between two indie labels which links Caserta to Rome.