La Rondine è Morta

Sounds like:
  • breakcore
  • hardcore
  • tekno


  1. kamera237 - La Rondine è Morta
  2. kamera237 - Piovono Gocce di Sangue sul Pavimento
  3. kamera237 - Spera Venga La Guerra (Wretched Cover)
  4. kamera237 - Sadist 666
  5. kamera237 - Diabolus in Tek

Additional Info

The second release of kamera 237 can only be hardcore stuff, with its lyrics and music expressing this life's philosophy at its best. Sostanze Records is proud to present these five new tracks, approaching our release number 22 with the same spirit of the number 2: giving space to talent, embracing every kind of musical genre and artist who knock on our door. We recommend high volume and powerful loudspeakers for Diabolus in tek, which closes this LP with its very punkish style!