Sounds like:
  • minimal
  • techno


  1. alexis storm - Caged Brain
  2. alexis storm - From A to Z
  3. alexis storm - Lemonade
  4. alexis storm - Magic (digital brain mix)
  5. alexis storm - Rubber (nezoomie mix)
  6. alexis storm - Mental
  7. alexis storm - Rubber

Additional Info

Pioneer of hot sound, yet spring, Alexis Storm surprises for the thickness of his sound, daring in harmonizing every single beat with the rest of the track.Sostanze Records is proud to present its new release consisting of seven new tracks, among which are the pleasant surprises of Digital Brain and NeZoomie's remixes. A crescendo of beats that gives the feeling of a journey through different genres of music wisely mixed by our Alexis Storm.Isolate yourself in listening.Abuse it freely.Have a good trip.