Close in the room

Sounds like:
  • dubstep
  • electro
  • drum and bass


  1. fanv - Out of the Door
  2. fanv - Dangerous Dub
  3. fanv - DaMaGe!!!
  4. fanv - Dark Steeping
  5. fanv - Position
  6. fanv - Dreaming the Sound
  7. fanv - Scream#
  8. fanv - Singular
  9. fanv - Uaua

Additional Info

The speakers begin to bleed.A jump in new dimensions of dubstep music for Sostanze Records's fans.The product of the artist FaNv is a time bomb due to the power of innovative, high-quality tracks.Put yourself in the future because the pulse rise and fall constantly, turning the club a new light, a genre that will warm your nights soon.A genre that FaNv already knows very good and it is amazing how this knowledge it has shown in carrying out a release that seems to follow that of a veteran of this style.Keep in touch with FaNv: Good Stuff.