Sturm Und Drang

Sounds like:
  • drum and bass


  1. ilkobra - Se Beethoven avesse un mac
  2. ilkobra - L'orchestra quantica
  3. ilkobra - DAS Drum and String
  4. ilkobra - L'ultimo Giudizio
  5. ilkobra - LA Seconda
  6. ilkobra - L'inganno del Divino
  7. ilkobra - L'equilibrajo

Additional Info

Master's orchestra strings are playing.This is an abstruse release, hard to understand at the first time you are hearing it. Strings and drums harmony and the completeness of sound merge into a masterpiece of drum 'n' bass.IlKobra excites his audience innovating the genre and creating original motifs. The Second track, “Quantum Orchestra”, marks the whole release.It's a path between past and the future of drum'n'bass.It's a path between past and future of the label's Stars.It will be impossible for you to get rid of these bombs from your playlist.Ilkobra does it seriously