Fool Flow

Sounds like:
  • electro
  • fidget
  • breaks


  1. bebop - Fool Flow
  2. bebop - Fool Flow (the pornorockerz remix)
  3. bebop - Fool Flow (the snipplers remix)
  4. bebop - Fool Flow (buskerdroid remix)
  5. bebop - Fool Flow (flux mix)
  6. bebop - Fool Flow (nezoomie mix)
  7. bebop - Fool Flow (tragida remix)
  8. bebop - Fool Flow (ilkobra mix)
  9. bebop - Fool Flow (ryko the drummaker remix)
  10. bebop - Fool Flow (the snooze remix)

Additional Info

Fool Flow is style.The essence of this Release is in this words.Bebop massive original mix leads the powerful work done by the best Djs from Sostanze Records and indipendent outsiders as special guests.We're talking about remixes by Ryko the Drummaker, The Pornorokerz, The Snipplers, The Snooze, IlKobra, Buskerdroid, Flux, NeZoomie and Tragida.They compete to shape their tracks in relation to the skills and influences that each dj has now consolidated into its background.The outcome is a melting-pot of fresh and new and it's easy to find a common thread between the remixes and their different approach to the orginal mix. It seems like they are passing a ball each other as if they're playing together on the same sick live set.Bebop gives birth to powerful release of complete satisfaction.Keep away from children with hearing problems.

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