Raw Materials

Sounds like:
  • breakbeat
  • drum and bass
  • electro


  1. brokenspud - Parallels
  2. brokenspud - Caffeine
  3. brokenspud - Bake the cake
  4. brokenspud - Not again
  5. brokenspud - Electronic music
  6. brokenspud - Last night party

Additional Info

Explosive mix of drum'n'bass and electro, here comes new Brokenspud's lp, RawMaterials. Nothing new, because talking about Brokenspud is just normal to enhance the experience of this Sostanze Records' dj, who presents to the public with his masterpiece his efficient basslines, scratching and leit motiv between tracks. Notice the care devoted to intros, never trivial and effective in every track, from Parallels to Last Night Party, absolute quality fruit of vast knowledge. If the summer is not hot yet, RawMaterials will begin to raise the temperature.Must Broke.