The Shadows Say Goodbye

Sounds like:
  • idm
  • techno


  1. the additive - Madness Draws Magic Axes
  2. the additive - Endless Panic
  3. the additive - Mushroom
  4. the additive - No Way
  5. the additive - Orange
  6. the additive - Hate
  7. the additive - Killer Showdown
  8. the additive - Double Star
  9. the additive - Syso

Additional Info

The second musical work of The Additive doesn't follow a definite line. With no presumption, it's placed above any kind of definition and classification of genre. The obsessive research for the groove is abolished by encouraging a continuous and indefinite soundflow. The whole album is based on the research on one side of concrete sounds which, through the sampling process, are transformed into the dense textures of No Way and Madness Draws Magic Axes, on the other hand synthetic sounds are created with digital or virtual synths (Killer Showdown , Hate). The use of the voice brings the tracks close to the song-form without taking any precedence over the whole, but taking action where needed to give momentum and different possibilities of escape. The Shadows Say Goodbye is the album of evasion in the higher and noblest sense, a return to the melody that pushes up touching our most hidden sides.