The Reaper

Sounds like:
  • electro
  • fidget


  1. flux - The Reaper
  2. flux - The Reaper (bebop mix)
  3. flux - The Reaper (buskerdroid remix)
  4. flux - The Reaper (digital brain mix)
  5. flux - The Reaper (frashka remix)

Additional Info

Finally The Reaper, the new release by Flux, hits your speakers!His work is made up of an original mix (which will be hard to remove from your playlist) and excellent remixes of the same track by DJs Bebop, Buskerdroid, Digital Brain and Frashka.Our Flux is one of the artists who knows how to give a more appropriate and balanced continuum to the Electro strand of the label, refining the careful choice of sounds and being always open to influences from different genres.Thanks to Flux's music background we can recognize his style in the track as well as in the remixes by the DJs that, with undisputed mastery, let us taste the magic of Independent made in Italy Electro.Sostanze Records, in beats we trust.