Kunst Macht Frei

Sounds like:
  • drum and bass
  • drama and bass
  • dnb


  1. ilkobra - All My Genesis
  2. ilkobra - Mosquito Killer
  3. ilkobra - Super RIP
  4. ilkobra - The Donkey Race
  5. ilkobra - Naja Naja
  6. ilkobra - My Religion

Additional Info

Artist: IlKobra Artwork: Gregorio Parlascino Photo: Gregorio Paone Title: Kunst Macth Frei Genre: Drama and Bass Mastering by : Valerio Maina Release on: 24/05/2013

The art and the music. A music mades up of art. The musical art. Sostanze Records is proud to announce the return by IlKobra with the brand new release Kunst Macht Frei. Since by the title itself you can realize the will by the producer to stress the pureness of sounds, sending a clear message to who did not get yet how producing music is a source of personal evolution through which it is possible to express own feelings. In the six bomb tracks the Roman artist gives as a gift to our indie net-label, the producer comes back to his background characterized by hard sounds mixed with dubstep patterns, without forgetting the charge of his drum ‘n’ bass style that made him famous to the audience. Mystic sounds give the time to complex tracks, such as My Religion, which revenge the degeneration of the modern musical and cultural society, fucked up by the commercial music. Make yourself comfortable, since from the first listening you’ll live an extrasensorial experience. IlKobra is back. Stronger than bombs.

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